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Dopo la laurea all'università, il principe ha trascorso diversi anni nel settore privato prima di essere assunto da suo padre come assistente personale. [106], A project to build Saudi Arabia’s first nuclear reactor was announced by bin Salman in November 2018. [186] After Prince Mohammed acceded to Crown Prince, Trump reportedly said, "We've put our man on top". Among them are the following: In 2016, non-oil GDP stood … [113][114], In April 2017, bin Salman announced a project to build one of the world's largest cultural, sports and entertainment cities in Al Qidiya, southwest of Riyadh. [139][140], Among those detained in a wave of arrests in September 2017 were Abdulaziz al-Shubaily, a founding member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA); Mustafa al-Hassan, an academic and novelist; and Essam al-Zamel, an entrepreneur. [34], On 15 December 2009, at the age of 24, Mohammed bin Salman entered politics as a special advisor to his father when the latter was the governor of Riyadh Province. [45] In March 2015, Saudi Arabia began leading a coalition of countries allied against the Houthi rebels. In the CIA's analysis, the killing was most likely motivated by Prince Mohammed's privately stated belief that Khashoggi was an Islamist with problematic connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, a perception that differs markedly from the Saudi government's public remarks on Khashoggi's death. [202] John Sawers, a former head of the British MI6, stated that in his judgment of the evidence it is "very likely" that Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of Khashoggi. He was appointed crown prince[8] in June 2017 following King Salman's decision to remove Muhammad bin Nayef from all positions, making Mohammed bin Salman heir-designate to the throne. [5] Il principe Moḥammad ha conseguito la laurea in giurisprudenza presso l'Università Re Sa'ud.[6]. Mindful of this history, instead of waiting for today's Saudi state to weaken and fall, MBS's aim was to try to save the country before it collapsed. [82][83] It has been heavily influenced by the views of his former adviser Saud al-Qahtani[84][85] and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. [9][10][11], He has led several successful reforms, which include regulations restricting the powers of the religious police,[12] the removal of the ban on female drivers in June 2018,[13] and weakening the male-guardianship system in August 2019. [70] The 2018 Arab Youth Survey found that nine out of ten 18–24 year-olds in the MENA region support Mohammed bin Salman's campaign against corruption. Hafnia Tanker Explosion. [41] He was also named as the secretary general of the Royal Court on the same date. [36], In October 2011, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz died, and the current King Salman began his ascent to power by becoming Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence in November 2011. facebook shares. Mohammed bin Salman is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, heir to King Salman. [47][51][52], In response to the threat from ISIL, In December 2015 Prince Mohammed established the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC), a Saudi-led Islamic alliance against terrorism. Lo muy en serio que va el príncipe heredero lo ha comprobado en sus propias carnes el príncipe Alwaleed bin Talal, de 63 años. [76][77], Prince Mohammed's ideology has been described as nationalist[78][79] and populist,[80][81] with a conservative attitude towards politics, and a liberal stance on economic and social issues. Questi cambiamenti indicano che la corona è destinata a passare a una nuova generazione della dinastia saudita per la prima volta dal 1953 (quando alla morte di Abd al-Aziz salì al trono il figlio Sa'ud)[20]. "[178], Andrew Smith, of Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), said that Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson "have played an utterly central and complicit role in arming and supporting the Saudi-led destruction of Yemen. [98], At the inaugural Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh in October 2017, bin Salman announced plans for the creation of Neom, a $500 billion economic zone to cover an area of 26,000 square kilometres on Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast, extending into Jordan and Egypt. [129] Building an industrial culture was not compatible with Wahhabism. [47], In the last week of September 2018, Mohammed bin Salman inaugurated the much-awaited $6.7bn high-speed railway line connecting Mecca and Medina, two holiest cities of Islam. [35] At this time Mohammed bin Salman began to rise from one position to another, such as secretary-general of the Riyadh Competitive Council, special advisor to the chairman of the board for the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, and a member of the board of trustees for Albir Society in the Riyadh region. [54], Mohammed bin Salman was appointed Crown Prince on 21 June 2017, following his father's decision to depose Muhammad bin Nayef, making him heir presumptive to the throne. [7] He has been described as the power behind the throne of his father, King Salman. He stated that Loujain mentioned to family that she had been whipped, beaten, electrocuted in a chair, and harassed by masked men, who would wake her up in the middle of the night to shout threats at her in cell. ", "Saudi Arabia: Arrest of two prominent activists a deadly blow for human rights", "Saudi security forces clamp down on dissent", "Saudi Prosecutor Says 17 Detained in Case Against Activists", "Saudi police arrest three more women's rights activists", "Saudi Arabia releases eight people held in activist crackdown", "Dr Hatoon Ajwad al-Fassi هتون أجواد الفاسي", "Prominent Saudi women's rights activist detained as driving ban lifted: sources", "Saudis arrest another women's right activist", "Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty against female human rights activist", "Saudi Arabia 'seeks death penalty for woman activist, "Saudi Prosecution Seeks Death Penalty for Female Activist", "Who Is Israa al-Ghomgham? "[60], In May 2017, Mohammed bin Salman publicly warned "I confirm to you, no one will survive in a corruption case—whoever he is, even if he's a prince or a minister". The funds cover almost one-third of the $2.96 billion required to implement the UN's 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan. Trump and the new crown prince pledged "close cooperation" on security and economic issues, according to the White House, and the two leaders also discussed the need to cut off support for terrorism, the recent diplomatic dispute with Qatar, and the push to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians. [234][235][236] China has imprisoned up to 2 million Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities in China's north-western province of Xinjiang in concentration camps, where they are allegedly subjected to abuse and torture. [195] In response to Canada's criticism, Saudi Arabia expelled Canada's ambassador, and froze trade with Canada. [30] She is a granddaughter of Rakan bin Hithalayn, who was the head of the Al Ajman tribe. En 2017, la revista Forbes calculó su fortuna en 18.700 millones de dólares. [14] Other cultural developments under his reign include the first Saudi public concerts by a female singer, the first Saudi sports stadium to admit women,[15] an increased presence of women in the workforce,[16] and opening the country to international tourists by introducing an e-visa system, allowing foreign visas to be applied for and issued via the Internet. Although Salman, since he became the Saudi monarch in January 2015, has twice dismissed/forced out two other crown princes — Prince Muqrin (in April 2015) and Prince Mohammed bin … A decade from now, the kingdom could look more like the United Arab Emirates, its prosperous and relatively forward-looking neighbor. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Saudi city of Neom, in the first meeting between … [115][116], In February 2018, it became legally possible for Saudi women to open their own business without a male's permission. [187] Kushner also inquired as to how the U.S. could support Prince Mohammed in the succession process. [47][48], In April 2015, Muhammad bin Nayef, who is King Salman's nephew,[49] and Prince Mohammed bin Salman became Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince, respectively. [219], In June 2019, a UN report linked bin Salman to the assassination. "[206], After the murder, Mohammed bin Salman's close confidant Ahmad Asiri was sacked,[207] as was former advisor Saud al-Qahtani. [226][227] Saudi Arabia had issued an extradition request and Interpol notices to bring back Saad Aljabri, who was US’ anti-terrorism contact in Middle East and was staying in Canada since 2018. [191] Prince Mohammed later reportedly claimed Kushner had provided intelligence assistance on domestic rivals to Prince Mohammed during the 2017–19 Saudi Arabian purge,[192] which Trump had personally expressed support for. [89] In April 2015, Prince Mohammed bin Salman was given control over Saudi Aramco by royal decree following his appointment as deputy crown prince. [188] Trump initially supported the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar,[189] despite opposition from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis,[190] though he later changed his position. The $300 Million Chateau Louis XIV, Most Expensive Home On Earth, Is Almost Ready For Its Owner To Move In. Saudi Royal Palace / AFP. [138] Bin Salman has reportedly created the Tiger Squad, a team of assassins that act as a death squad, to target Saudi critics inside and outside Saudi Arabia. [204][205], Prince Mohammed has denied any involvement in the murder and blamed the assassination on rogue operators. [165], Prince Mohammed is considered the architect of the war in Yemen. [127] According to him, he aimed to have Saudi Arabia start "returning to what we were before—a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the world". [72], US President Trump expressed support for the move, tweeting "I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing....Some of those they are harshly treating have been 'milking' their country for years! [126], In October 2017, he said that the ultra-conservative Saudi state had been "not normal" for the past 30 years, blaming rigid doctrines that had governed society in a reaction to the Iranian Revolution, which successive leaders "didn't know how to deal with". [137], According to human rights groups, arrests of human rights activists have risen under Mohammed bin Salman. "[73][74] French President Macron, who visited Riyadh days after the purge, when asked about the purge stated "this is not the role of a president, and similarly I would not expect a leader of a foreign country to come and infringe on domestic matters,"[75], On 30 January 2019, the Saudi government announced the conclusion of Anti-Corruption Committee's work. If you have trouble accessing the Zoom Webinar, or if you did not pre-register, watch the YouTube livestream here: Or, watch the event on Facebook here. "[132], In response to the Saudi anti male-guardianship campaign,[14] the Saudi Government enacted a law that allows women above 21 years old to obtain passports and travel abroad without needing the permission of their male guardians. Just to mention the invasion of Iraq for example. [94] This is the first time that a senior Saudi royal has expressed such sentiments publicly. Denying the title, he explained the mechanism of the decision-making institutions actually holding stakes in the intervention, including the council of security and political affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Saudi side. [100][101] The announcement followed plans to develop a 34,000 square kilometre area across a lagoon of 50 islands on Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coastline into a luxury tourism destination with laws on a par with international standards. [27], Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud was born on 31 August 1985. [123] In October 2017, the plan for Aramco's IPO listing was criticised by The Economist, which called it "a mess". [20] On 28 March 2018, Saudi Arabia, along with its coalition partner the UAE, donated US$930 million to the United Nations which, according to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, "...(will) help to alleviate the suffering of millions of vulnerable people across Yemen". [18], Il primo grande evento che lo ha visto protagonista come ministro della difesa è stata l'Operazione Tempesta Decisiva, una campagna di bombardamenti contro i ribelli Huthi nello Yemen.[19]. [128] He was telling the country's clerics that the deal the royal family struck with them after the 1979 siege of the Grand Mosque in Mecca was to be renegotiated. November 13, 2020. Il 29 aprile 2015 re Salmān ha nominato principe ereditario suo nipote Muḥammad bin Nāyef. [55] The change of succession had been predicted in December 2015 by an unusually blunt and public memo published by the German Federal Intelligence Service,[56][57] which was subsequently rebuked by the German government. [12] While Prince Mohammed bin Salman sold the war as a quick win on Houthi rebels in Yemen and a way to put President Hadi back in power, however, it became a long war of attrition. Hariri eventually was released, went back to Lebanon and annulled his resignation. The envoy offered help to the Trump presidential campaign. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta l'11 ott 2020 alle 20:50. In 2016, he announced plans to list the shares of the state oil company Saudi Aramco. Muhammad bin Salmán (arabsky محمد بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود ‎‎; * 31. srpna 1985 Džidda), zkráceně MbS, je od svého jmenování v červnu 2017 korunním princem Saúdské Arábie. Saranno aumentate tasse e tariffe: una sul valore aggiunto, una sui beni di lusso, i pedaggi stradali, il prezzo della benzina e ridotte e razionalizzate le spese militari; ci saranno anche pesanti tagli sui sussidi. Il patrimonio di Mohammed bin Salman. [17] His Vision 2030 program aims to diversify the Saudi economy through investment in non-oil sectors including technology and tourism. [221] According to an interview in a PBS documentary film recorded in December 2018 and parts released in September 2019, Mohammed bin Salman bears responsibility for the killing of Khashoggi since it happened under his watch but he denies any knowledge of the murder in advance. He soon began remaking the court in his own image. According to forensic investigation, The Washington Post owner's phone was targeted with the malware containing video message months before the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident critical of the government and a journalist/writer employed with The Post at the time of the hack. [200] The Washington Post reported that the Crown Prince had earlier sought to lure Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia and detain him. ", "Saudis shield crown prince as death penalty sought over Khashoggi murder", "Saudi prosecutor seeks death penalty for Khashoggi murder, says journalist was killed by sedative overdose", "CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's assassination", "Khashoggi murder: Saudi crown prince crazy, says US senator", "Saudi crown prince 'ordered, monitored' killing of Khashoggi, Corker says", "U.N. rights boss Bachelet seeks international inquiry into Khashoggi murder", "Saudi Prince Slams CIA Assessment Report on Khashoggi Murder", "U.S. senators say Saudi crown prince has gone 'full gangster, "Saudi prince has gone 'full gangster,' says Rubio, as lawmakers decry kingdom's abuses", "'Credible evidence' ties Saudi prince to Khashoggi murder, UN expert says,", "Guardian told it was target of Saudi hacking unit after Khashoggi killing", "Saudi Crown Prince Says Khashoggi Was Killed 'Under My Watch, "Mohammad Bin Salman: Jamal Khashoggi murder 'happened under my watch,' Saudi crown prince tells PBS | World News - Times of India", "Mohammed bin Salman accepts responsibility for Jamal Khashoggi murder", "Mohammed bin Salman denies personal involvement in Khashoggi killing in '60 Minutes' interview but says it was carried out by Saudi officials", "Senators Press Trump to Help Free Children of Saudi Ex-Official", "Saudi Arabia Wants Its Fugitive Spymaster Back", "The Saudi crown prince, Interpol and an alleged assassination plot", "Aljabri Complaint: Case 1:20-cv-02146-TJK Document 1", "US court issues summons for Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman", "Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman got served a lawsuit via WhatsApp. [185][184], Upon Trump's election, support for Mohammed bin Salman was described as one of the few issues where rival White House advisers Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon agreed. [61] In November 2017, he ordered some 200 wealthy businessmen and princes to be placed under house arrest in Riyadh's Ritz Carlton hotel. Mohammed bin Salman had other reasons to fear Fahd bin Turki. Court documents show that he received and read the message", "Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps", "Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman Defends China's Use of Concentration Camps for Muslims During Visit to Beijing", "Saudi crown prince defended China's imprisonment of a million Muslims in internment camps, giving Xi Jinping a reason to continue his 'precursors to genocide, "Saudi crown prince defends China's right to fight 'terrorism, "Jeff Bezos hack: Amazon boss's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince, "Reports of Saudi Crown Prince's Domestic Violence Emerge", "Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman: Reformer and hard-liner", "Mohammed bin Salman -- the reformer behind Saudi Arabia's shakeup", Prince Mohammed books out hotel to dine with Murdoch, "A 30-year-old Saudi prince could jump-start the kingdom – or drive it off a cliff", "World's Most Expensive Home? [36], On 23 January 2015, King Abdullah died, Salman took the throne and Prince Mohammed bin Salman was appointed minister of defence. [168][125][50] More than 50,000 children in Yemen died from starvation in 2017. The Wahhabis were committed to fixed social and gender relationships. Nel novembre 2011, quando il principe ereditario Sulṭān è deceduto, il principe Salmān ha iniziato la sua ascesa al potere, diventando Secondo Vice Primo ministro e ministro della Difesa. Mohammad bin Salman is seen during the Arab Summit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, May 31, 2019. [38][39][40] On 25 April 2014, Prince Mohammed was appointed state minister. In 2019 Saudi cabinet approved a new residency scheme (Premium Residency) for foreigners. [16] Ha mantenuto inoltre il suo posto di Ministro di Stato. The kingdom aims to build 16 nuclear facilities over the next 20 years. These were consistent with an economy built on oil sales, but industrialization requires a dynamic culture with social relations constantly shifting. [122] Bin Salman's plans to raise capital for the sovereign wealth fund included selling off shares of Saudi Aramco, the state-owned petroleum and natural gas company,[90] with the capital to be re-invested in other sectors such as to implement the diversification plans. ", Saudi princes among dozens detained in anti-corruption purge, "What the royal purge means for Saudi Arabia — and its oil", "Saudi Arabia 'at a crossroads': What the arrests of several princes mean for the kingdom's future", "The Saudi purge: The real reason behind Mohammed bin Salman's unprecedented crackdown", "Inside the Arrest of Saudi Arabia's Alwaleed bin Talal", "Arab Youth Survey 2018: Saudi Crown Prince and his reforms win huge support from young people across the Middle East", "Saudi crackdown 'would be like' the US arresting Warren Buffett", "Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing. [169][170][171][172] The famine in Yemen is the direct result of the Saudi-led intervention and blockade of the rebel-held area. Yet "[i]t is not clear what those detained are suspected of. Thursday, October 1, 2020 9:00 am – 12:30 pm EST Via Zoom (Register for a Zoom account here.) Conflict Armament Research (CAR) reported that these weapons frequently ended up in the hands of the Islamic State members. "[179] Hunt's Conservative leadership campaign was partly funded by a close associate to Mohammed bin Salman. [90], In December 2017, Prince Mohammed criticised United States' decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. [12] He established an entertainment authority that began hosting comedy shows, professional wrestling events, and monster truck rallies. [32], Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the eldest among his mother's children and is the eighth child and seventh son of his father;[29] his full siblings include Turki bin Salman, former chairman of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, and Khalid bin Salman. [63], Others arrested or fired in the purge included Mutaib bin Abdullah, head of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, Adel Fakeih, the Minister of Economy and Planning, and the Commander of the Saudi Naval Forces, Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Sultan.[63][64]. January 27, … [58], On the day he became Crown Prince, U.S. President Donald Trump called Mohammed bin Salman to "congratulate him on his recent elevation". Mohammed bin Salman, principe ereditario in Arabia Saudita: patrimonio alle stelle Mohammed bin Salman , conosciuto semplicemente come MBS è l’erede del regno di Arabia Saudita. [166][167] The war and blockade of Yemen has cost the kingdom tens of billions of dollars, further aggravated the humanitarian crisis in the country and destroyed much of Yemen's infrastructure, but failed to dislodge the Shiite Houthi rebels and their allies from the Yemeni capital. [62], Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement via Twitter on 2 August 2018 expressing Canada's concern over the recent arrest of Samar Badawi, a human rights activist and sister of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, and called for the release of human rights activists. [108], Mohammed bin Salman significantly restricted the powers of the religious police. As … Pfizer Vaccine. Mohammed bin Salman's first move as minister was to mobilise a pan-GCC coalition to intervene following a series of suicide bombings in Sana'a via air strikes against Houthis, and impose a naval blockade. "[93], In November 2017, Mohammed bin Salman forced the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign when he visited Saudi Arabia. Israeli PM Netanyahu Met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman And USA’s Mike Pompeo On Sunday: Reports by Swarajya Staff - Nov 23, 2020 09:00 AM Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu/Twitter) Mohammed bin Salman says kingdom has largely eradicated extremism, but calls for respect for religious figures. He had a reputation for being humble. Photo by AP Photo/Francois Mori . Female Saudi Activist May Be Beheaded After Death Sentence", "Saudi gentrifies Shiite old quarter after crushing revolt", "A jailed Saudi activist was told she would be released if she denied being tortured, her family says. [259], Mohammed advocates fiscal austerity and leads a "crackdown on corruption and self-enrichment".[246]. Donald Trump described the Saudi response to the killing as "one of the worst in the history of cover-ups." [153], In August 2019, Loujain al-Hathloul's brother, Walid al-Hathloul informed that his sister was offered release on denying the human rights abuses committed against her in Saudi prison. [253][254], Mohammed has travelled extensively around the world, meeting with politicians, business leaders and celebrities. [1] Più giovane ministro della Difesa nel mondo,[2] è anche Presidente del Consiglio per gli Affari Economici e di Sviluppo.

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