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Lovely during the evening during Winter(awakens the senses). Well, she was right in asserting that Idylle was likely a perfume men would like their wives to wear. I really wanted to like this. As it dries down, it turns flowery again. It is a sophisticated floral and even though the composition consists mostly of the "classic" floral notes - Lily of the Valley, rose and jasmine - it's always playing beautifully on my skin and sometimes seems to have more depth than other perfumes with richer components. or stones in the sun? This perfume is a mixture of for her by rodriguez and lovely from SJP. uno dei pochissimi profumi in cui un tripudio floreale (rosa, gelsomino, mughetto, fresia, giglio, peonia etc etc) con un accenno di frutta (lampone e qualcosa di non meglio identificato) non mi nausea. It’a beautiful floral but my skin on a hot day ‘swallows it up’. A hint of green in there. I usually like Guerlain frags and I love the fragrance of hyacinths, lilac, and lilies. I'm happy I kept my half-used bottle of EdP and didn't give it away. I mean it's Guerlain's creation which is known for its classic and quality. Can be used for different occasions, inofencive, but edgy at the same time. I do not like this one on me at all. I find this overwhelmingly sweet but when it does soften down it is a nice simple floral musk sort of scent. What a big mistake that Guerlain is now filling almost all his perfumes in the new (also poorly made) bee bottles. 1 on one wrist and Idylle EDP on the other. It's mesmerizing. I love it enough to purchase a full bottle and possibly make it my signature scent! @momo, maybe you have Idylle EDT, not EDP. Too floral, and on me it wasn't any one of the floral notes, just a too-sweet synthetic muddle. A womanly perfume perfect for wearing all through the best years of my life. I can see it worn by all ages but preferably for young souls. Beauty Almanac |. I Just Love It. Noses are strange things. I have no idea how I hadn't encountered this fragrance before, especially in my hunt for a fresh green rose-led floral following the loss of Lancôme's Miracle So Magic, which I loved. Not into floral perfumes but I got this perfume cos I’m a huge Guerlain fan. Yes, it does have a resemblance to Narciso Rodriguez, definitely, but they are not alike. I finally bought a full bottle and I just LOVE this beauty. It's like a lilac soap finished with a spritz of Yardley freesia - a metallic floral smell which is slightly synthetic/plastic like. I admit I was skeptical at first as my nose (And chemistry) does not typically do well with white florals or "green" scents. It wears well in all seasons and feels elegant, clean, and well blended. It makes me feel... special and loved. Idylle was a fragrance I didn't expect to like because I'm not a huge fan of florals and I love the traditional Guerlainade. It's not a sweet perfume at all. One of my absolute favorites of all time. In my mind, this fragrance is what Miss Honey from Matilda would wear, if she could afford it. prefer the lila jasmin duet version as it is a bit different and this one is rather too popular. I tried it recently as I was passing through the perfume department of my local store but I didn't have time to linger long enough to justify the expense to myself. The intoxicating floral opening of roses with chypre undertones was too confronting for me when I tried this at a counter a few years ago. Just like in CuE, you will feel a rose-muguet combo along all its stages.I'm still learning to like it. The container of the sample smelled like apple. The chemistry thing perhaps......the saleslady was wearing this and it smelled soooo good on her! if this perfume was a colour, it would be definitely WHITE. Crisp & Sophisticated. It was rose. Trouver … I would describe it as floral, slightly green and musky. I just love love the scent that for her lovely and idylle represents. Good addition to any collection. Gosh these bee bottles are so so pretty in person. I will wear it for casual events or days around the house because I don’t think it’s exciting enough for more special occasions. It is very deep and rich. I adore nicely made lilacs that are not soliflores and I also adore the lilac in 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden, which also is a beautiful clean floral. So elegant so soft sodelicate so vulnerable and feminine. So warm sunny days with + 20 to + 27 C degrees and you could have it on up to 12+ hours easily. Feminine wedding-type scents, and this is the richest and least clean of the 3. Most of my favourite scents include rose, raspberry, jasmine, peony and musk. The dominant note is the rose - and what a beautiful rose it is! I want this so bad. A good spring/summer scent, or whenever you feel like a fresh Guerlain, suitable for work, a wedding, or whenever you want to smell pretty but not stand out. For those in the market for a fruity floral, I would suggest Champs-Élysées. I picked up a sample of both this and Duet Jasmin-Lilas and thought that I'd prefer the latter. It's elegant, lovely and romantic. I totally see the resemblance with the Narcisso here (pink bottle), which I had, loved and used up pretty quickly. Projection is heavy. I feel rather lovely when I put it on. It appears that the Australis brand is now mainly makeup and the few fragrances they do look like body sprays rather than perfumes. It's all I could think of was old yucky likely expired perfume. Infact love this more than the jadore!!!!! I tried Idylle when in the fall I was searching for a warmer scent for myself. Today i received my Guerlain Idylle blind buy as always. Tous ces parfums uniques, bouleversants et merveilleux qui laisseront dérriére vous une empreinte olfactive irrésistible. I fell in love! It has some of the nicer aspects of Narciso Rodriguez For Her but it's not as cloying and sweet. NR EDP more tender and peachy/sweeter. Nice, pretty. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rodriguez For Her, Dolce&Gabbana D&G Anthology L'Imperatrice 3, Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum, Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum 2009, Tesori d'Oriente Vaniglia e Zenzero del Madagascar, Tauer Perfumes 02 L'Air du Desert Marocain, Profumi: 63420 First, I get fresh peonies, lilac and lily-of-the-valley. To be honest it smells on my skin way better when i am not freshly showered. I really like the drydown, and this may seem peculiar but it reminds me of freshly washed linens, still warm from the dryer. I wasn't expecting to like this so much. All in one bottle. Sillage is fairly low. But, there is something I must point out in that case - this is a product of quality and I understand it quite clearly. I was shocked at how familiar the scent was – it was that of a long forgotten fragrance I used to wear as a teenager! Very feminin. It also reminds me of Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP. It has developed on me in a different way, where it is still quite similar, but the lovely litchie is coming through in a delicious top note. Beautiful, romantic floral, very classy and well-made, one of the best recent Guerlains. Understated and elegant, this Guerlain beauty opens with a blast of spring, lily of the valley and Lilac, green and bright, and then mellows with the musk, freesia and the pink florals, toning it down to a warm weather summer. It has been created by Thierry Wasser and it is the first fragrance he created in his position as the succeeder of Jean-Paul Guerlain. Such a lovely floral spring scent. Usually fragrances with lots of flowers give me a headache. I love Guerlain for quality, but this is not my favourite. Smells so elegant. The musk just does not do Guerlain justice, allowing it to dominate for too many noses and leaving us with a lot of dislikes. I don't know, smell was very sour, maybe tester was old, cause just maybe 4 mils was left. I prefer my scent to slowly smother me with deep, rich, dark heaviness. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Everything screamed fruitchoulis and dramatic vanilla-laden orientals at the time and I think this will end up being a classic Guerlain just like others, with or without Guerlinade. The drydown is beautiful too, a big romantic musky bouquet...BUT it does not suit me, feels too heavy and somewhat sharp, and most unfortunately, it brought on a migraine attack over the course of a couple hours wear...I had this same reaction to Narciso Rodriguez EDT (black bottle), that one induced a headache in me as well. Guerlain Idylle is Guerlain's happy time scent. It's a quick hit of jasmine and rose that mellows down by the time I get to work, becoming soft and warm. A high quality "Rose" content perfume that is easy to wear during the day or night. bello, nella versione edp, già l'eau de toilette è per me ingestibile! I do realize that i have a love - hate relationship with lilly of the valley. They smell so similar yet so different. I had a full 100mL bottle of the eau de parfum and for some reason sold it. The only Guerlain perfume I love from their new creations (the Aqua Allegorias put aside, of course), but this is a fierce and true love. Unique for sure , i loved it the day i smelled it at the store so on my birthday my father bought it for me i was so pleased with it , but im my opinion its a mature perfume for 25+. It's a well balanced scent. This one is a very contemporary top class feminine scent. The longevity is just great on my skin, too. A beautiful floral fresh scent, that smells some what like chemical? I love it's gorgeous powdery floral aroma. I have reconsidered my first comment in here - this beauty does last really long but for this is required that temperature level /humidity where isn't too hot or too wet. To me this will pair well with a leather jacket in spring time. It. I think I need to research a bit to try and work out what this notes is – it’s entrancing to me… I think it’s some type of floral. Personality clearly plays a huge role when it comes to choosing a perfume. That being said I find this scent pure heaven! It's a shame as, reading these reviews, it must be lovely on others. Heartbreak for me, this one doesn't mesh with me, leaving me with a somewhat acidic smell of floral fragrance sprayed over B.O. I am so crazy about Idylle I almost don’t know where to begin. It has a lot of depth and layers to it despite being just a floral. It stays pretty static over a few hours, the fade is a bit sweeter still. Profumo per over 45 dove le note fruttate durano meno di 5 minuti per poi lasciare ampio spazio al corposo bouquet di fiori dove il mughetto e la rosa prendono il sopravvento sugli altri fiori.Buon profumo. Lilly of the valey, fresia, rose and peony are killing me softly and slowly to the phase where it smells like litchi softly sweet NR, and to my lucky skin far better and more complex than NR. Beck is wearing Insolence Eau de Parfum by Guerlain about 10 hours ago. Warm, soft, dewy lily. Soft, feminine, elegant and classy. I get more rose than lily-of-the-valley. I could see many loving this fragrance for the spring or day time. If gold had a scent, it would smell like Idylle.. That's how I describe it whenever people ask me what Idylle smells like - PURE GOLD, like its bottle! I went to a launch party for it in 2009 when it came out, and I was really underwhelmed. Doesn't inspire me personally, but it does not turn to cat pee on me so yay! Disappointed. Then, Idylle becomes very musky, very dense. @momo, sometimes the metal piece remains in the cap. I like white florals but was skeptical from the reviews. | English | Deutsch | Español | Français | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I have the exact same experience and scent than sjam3295 , it's a synthetic raspberry which does not evolved in any dry down, I bought a big bottle of it and unable to wear it. A beautiful floral. Not too heavy or too light with strong longevity, Idylle feels classy and elegant and elevates your sophistication when you walk into a room. No raspberry notes, but big, fat, old-world roses with a good lick of musk and amazing longevity, a touch animalic on the drydown. I reserve for her and lovely to winter since it may come across too heavy esp in office. The notes of raspberry and lily of the valley are turned out much better in this one than in many other fragrances. Lily-of-the-valley and jasmine are the flowers that dominate the most on me. This is so bizarre! They have their own characters and they even surpress your own skin smell and give you their own smell. I was afraid I'd made a mistake, but this perfume purchase turned out to be exactly what I wanted. On my skin it smells exactly like N.R. Recensioni: 23071 IDYLLE is a powdery, white flower bouquet that showcases a creamy, sweet litchi. The rose here isn't super rosey, it's more of the idea of roses mixed with purple flowers. I adore Idylle. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Guerlain. Lasts pretty long, I'd say. Most of all I detect a delicate, sugary classy rose, it' irresistible, it gets inside your skin like a beauty elixir..I don't feel sexy or intriguing by wearing this, but simply beautiful! I am a spring child and a white flowers lover. This is a powdery floral on initial spray but dries down to a soft floral musk. I bought its EDT a year ago and it was the most stunning fragrance and lasted for days on my clothes when it was finished i ordered EDP thinking that would be more dense and deep than the EDT but unfortunately it did not last on me. Shalimar Perfume by Guerlain, Created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain, Shalimar is an homage to the epic love affair between Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, a romance that ultimately led to the construction of the Taj Mahal. I bought this scent, took it home and popped it on my dresser, cautiously removing the lid for a quick test sniff, for a week. I also have love blossom. The performance of this perfume I would say is above average to moderate. This is a soft, sweet floral. Idylle took me by surprise! Flowers, lots of flowers. The white musk reminds me of Shalimar Souffle. Apres l'Ondee by Guerlain is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.Apres l'Ondee was launched in 1906. I got this beauty in a blind trade. This is one of the few perfumes I own that needs topping up midway through the day. Even with a distinct combination of old-age rose and white flowers, it would definitely charm those who are not particularly a fan of white floral fragrances. Idylle smelled so beautiful on paper and on initial spritz to my arm. But idylle is lighter, clearer. It's not a bad perfume by any means, but sometimes smells cross over to emotional sensations, and in this case, Idylle's prominent lily of the valley just depresses me. Este perfume es floral, lo más que detecto es olor a rosas, con otras flores, que no se distinguir, pero el conjunto es muy armonioso; no detecto ninguna fruta en especial; ni tampoco pachuli. It' not bad to feel beautiful sometimes, so...I'm considering to buy this one, despite of the horrible bottle (for me it's really unwatcheable). Soft and elegant. I feel that a review can be pretty much in any shape or form, but I also think a little more than just outrage that something isn´t to one´s own expectations is always... decent. This is how Wasser describes this beautiful floral perfume: I get lots of fruity pink musky Roses. I like it, but tend to forget about it after a couple hours after spraying... At last I could buy a fb 100ml tax-free in a town close to Switzerland! SPOT ON, Guerlain! It is warm, sensual, seductive and ultra feminine. When wearing NR For Her once I actually got asked if I am wearing Idylle, they are so similar. Perfect for warm and hot weather! At this stage I really can't describe the fragrance - for me it is way to much of an emotional response to identify notes! The opening is stunning with the rose, litchi and freesia, grabbed me by my nose hairs and captured my heart that I almost wanted to buy it on the spot. The EDT version of this is also gorgeous. as if there is a tangible soft presence of the smell. The complexity of each individual flower came through. Perfect for spring. Yes, I get the resemblance to Narciso and Lovely, but Idylle is more polished, less raw. The fruits are subtile enough. Initially there is a very slight berry note but its not fruity or too sweet, and rose is more dominant. It is wonderfully complemented with the florals and patchouli in the base. While not rank, it's not pleasant either. because florals seem to be the most popular fragrance group generally and this is definitely floral but it also appears to be winning over ‘non-floral’ people as well. They are generally far away from inoffensive or being ofice smells. questa ridondanza si assesta su un bel fondo di patchouli che adoro. This is reminding me of a fragrance I loved as a young teenager - I wore it heaps prior to getting myself addicted to Lou Lou. Guerlain rarely disappoints and Idylle is beautiful. Beautiful, feminine, elegant and fresh is how I would describe it. This is such a pretty perfume. Idylle should be lovely, but it is incredibly balmy on my skin. I've just dabbed some on and instantly had a flashback to my early teens! Idylle is the latest creation by Guerlain for mainstream distribution, introduced in September 2009. Idylle is not the type of fragrance I generally go for, its too subtle, but at this very moment, I seem to really enjoy it. I wanted so much to like Idylle due to the Guerlain brand and the beautiful and expensive looking bottle but, unfortunately, the juice inside is extremely ordinary and boring. It is one of those fragrances women should not overspray since it smell nice when a little is used. Oh, how I did! I would like to test this second time, cause bottle is so cute :). I just bought a new bottle with the bees and it’s nothing like the original Idylle. Maybe it’s because of my penchant for smells that remind me of gardens and fresh rain? A lovely silky floral smells like love..I'm eagerly waiting for spring to buy it and enjoy this amazing heavenly juice of sweet florals and musk;which shows itself more and more as time passes(but not as it's prominant in narciso edp). Maybe it was the sunscreen underneath or maybe my skin. I don't detect much fruity raspberry or lychee except when sniffed from the bottle. One of the weirdest and most disappointing perfume progressions I’ve experienced. It's like a walk through a garden on a hot summer evening filled with moths and chirping crickets. Idylle is a hyper realistic bouquet of dewy fresh flowers in the morning. Truthfully I cannot detect the other flower notes, although they probably lend to the well-roundedness of the rose itself. Mais aussi Lancôme « la Vie est Belle » , YSL, Lolita Lempicka, Givenchy, Hugo Boss, Cacharel, Thierry Mugler et Calvin Klein ainsi que Guerlain. Like all other guerlain parfumes they are natural essential oils and I guess that is the reason it blends so beautifully with my skin and causes no rashes or dry patches like some other parfumes. The House of Guerlain was founded in Paris in 1828 by Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain, who sold fragrances, cosmetics, and scented soaps from his shop. Idylle just didn't seem to align with my personal tastes. for her, which I already own, so it's a crying shame. this is a scent that has so many layers and dimensions, it changes through the day,still lingers in my hair at night.. it is still there in the morning, its almost like it fused with my body... wow. If you're headed to any place where you need to impress important people, wear this – it'll give you a boost of confidence. I can wear that in winter autumn and spring. In my opinion Guerlain makes beautiful perfumes. I don't tend to go for straight-up floral scents these days but Idylle was too lovely to resist. I might change my opinion about SJP Lovely now. Perfection at it's best.🥰💕. Opens like a dewy summer morning but sadly closes like chalk dust. Don't get me wrong, Idylle is a nice fragrance with hints of jasmine, rose, raspberry, litchi, and freesia, but it doesn't make a statement. it smells a little old-ladyish, i definitely get rose and musk. But this is really well done in my opinion. When I went back to wearing it bare it was fine. - via Faentina, 118 48123 Ravenna (Ra) - Servizio clienti Iscrizione al registro delle imprese di Ravenna R.E.A.RA n.101233 - Registro imprese e Cod.Fisc/Part.Iva 00741180392 - Capitale sociale € 100.000,00 Was very disappointed and shocked :-(. It’s crisp yet sensual, a more wearable version of Narciso Rodriguez. This is probably the best flowery scent out there - a bit similar to J'adore, but less synthetic. Is already night and I am getting ready to go to bed so this perfume is not bothering my head too much, but I am sure that if I spray it first thing in the morning it will give me a headache. It just received a valuable spot in my top 10. But it’s right up there on my list of favorites next to Escada’s Delicate Notes! A really good scent if you are looking for a predominantly white bouquet with a musky, slightly dirty twist. OMG! To my surprise, this is actually the only perfume that I truly enjoy from initial spray to the dry down. My shrine to Guerlain keeps growing and giving. Sadly, the fragrance journey of Idylle EDP begins and ends as soon as it hits my skin. Some days I just want a pretty floral, and I reach for this. Top notes are Anise, Cassia, Neroli, Bergamot and Lemon; middle notes are Violet, Orris Root, Mimosa, Carnation, Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Vetiver, Rose and Jasmine; base notes are iris, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk, Styrax and Amber. I use it on the tips of my hair after i have shower and it makes my hair smell so gut till my next hairwash. Pear, a combo of lemon and rose that gave it a fresh zing, and some beautiful lily of the valley and jasmine that made it ever so lively for spring. A perefect combination of white florals and rose. Unfortunately they are too much for me to keep indoors. There is green lily-of-the-valley and honeyed lilac too. The patchouli here is really woody, smooth, and understated, it lends a nice background but that's as loud as it gets. That said, I really like this perfume it is one of my favourites, I didn't like it all too much in the summer of last when I bought it but as the cool air started to come in and the leaves started falling, I too fell for Idylle. La quinta generazione di profumieri è incarnata da Thierry Wasser che, nei suoi viaggi in giro per il mondo, cerca gli ingredienti naturali più rari per produrre fragranze di lusso – sempre nel massimo rispetto degli abitanti locali e … This is one if the best floral bouquets that you can wear and will make everyone want to hug you. I can finally cross this off my list. Combien de temps vous reste-t-il ? It' s very ladylike and sophisticated. The plastic cap and silhouette of this bottle just makes it look so cheap which is a shame. The perfume is a very smooth with a creaminess, it’s very charming. It's fresh, a bit sharp, elegant, a real flower bouquet. It’s good for daytime wear. But as for me, I don't find catchy both of them. A pretty white floral, white musk style. This has quickly become one of my favorites! L.o.v.e. It's a bit too quiet. Very feminine. I don’t know. Got this as a sample from an eBay auction I won of perfume samples lot, and I was pumped for this one!!! Idylle is sweeter than I thought when reading the reviews, but is by no means sugary or cloying. I love the simplicity and elegance of this perfume! I don't get the rave reviews. Never exactly being one for pear notes, this one actually caught me off guard. I am not a fan of narcisso for her but this is nice enouth. THIS is a lovely fragrance! The note that I smell the most is patchouli, then the musk and lastly the flowers. This is gentle, soft, while NR For Her is “POW, in ya face.” I love all four fragrances I mention here, this being my new favorite. I love this in the summer on my bare skin. This is a beautiful elegant scent. But like such evenings Idylle can get quite heavy and should be used sparingly. Delightful and most distinctive aroma concoction! This scent is ideal for the spring and has outstanding longevity and sillage. Profumum: Profumum, Acqua di Sale Profumum, Aquae Nobilis Then I purchased the Narciso Rodriguez edt and she said it smelt just like the Idylle I hated! Maybe the Narciso is sexier to some, I could see that. I recommend anyone and every perfume lover to try it. This one doesn't. And this comes really quite close (though not as sparkling and complex). I remember when its came out and I just arrogantly walked away from it in the House Of Fraser with a shrug of my shoulders.

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